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About KiZouKa

_______What is KiZouKa?

KiZouKa was founded in 2013, our mission is to diffuse the passion and enjoyment of Zouk related music and all the dance styles related to that music.  We want to create a positive and friendly environment where you could hone social and dancing skills and learn about KIZOMBA (All Styles), BRAZILIAN ZOUK, and CARIBBEAN ZOUK... The KiZouKa concept is to be well versed in each of these dances, and at a higher level to be able to  blend them harmonious. However, each student can also focus on only one of these dances.


As of late, we have expanded our network of dances to partner with other locally available instructors to offer, SALSA, BACHATA, MERENGUE, TANGO and many other Social Dances. 


_____________How does it work?

You can take lessons in Kizomba, Brazilian Zouk, and/or Caribbean Zouk. KiZouKa participates in and supports a number of local social events where you could learn and grow. Our goal is the get members to grow in their dance skills, via, not only formal instructions, but also through workshops, and social dancing. 


All of this will happen at your own pace. Moderators and club members will support you through your journey to become a better dancer. KiZouKa also gives you the opportunity to take private coaching which is the best way to speed up your learning curve. 







  • Kizomba Skills

  • Brazilian Zouk Skills

  • Caribbean Zouk Skills

  • Salsa Skills (Various Instructors)

  • Bachata Skills (Various Instructors)

  • Latin Dance (Various Instructors)

  • Tango Skills (Various Instructors)

  • Ladies Styling (Various Instructors)

___________How much does it cost?

Group Class (8hours)...….....…....80.00 $

Socials ........................................10.00 $

Private Sgl/Cpl/G (1h)..65$S/ 65$C/ 30$G

Private Package (10hrs)....................600$

Sunday Specialty Workshop (3h).40.00 $


KIZOUKA produces results! The concept is innovative and affordable. You can learn many dances in the private lessons. Finally, dancing is a great way to socialize and make more friends. 



___________Visit our club anytime!!

Current Location: Calgary

Tel:            (4o3) 6o4 5734

Facebook: KiZouKa Calgary, Vancity



"Kizouka with Mestre Pecthu, :

The Father of Kizomba"

Training with Jules Bertrand Top B-Zouker; Canada

"KIZO Drum and Dance" Concept.

Intensive Training with Djembe Master Roger D. from OWD

Training with Darley Top C-Zouker; Kompa Canada

"Kizouka with Kizomba Pioneer: from Spain, Albir Rojas

"Kizouka with Kizomba Pioneer: from Portugal, Kwenda Lima

"Kizouka with Kizomba Pioneer: from Spain, Sara Lopez

BRAZILIAN ZOUK, is a derivative of Lambada dance. In the 1990s when the Lambada hype was in decline, the dance was redesigned on French Caribbean Zouk music. Today, there are many styles of Brazilian Zouk. The dance and the music have evolved and Brazilian Zouk is one of the fastest growing dance in Brazil, in Australia, the Netherlands and many other parts of Europe, and North America. 


Training with the Father of B.Zouk; Jaime Aroxa. The top follow BZouk dancer in Canada; E. Simpson, and the Top BZouk teacher in Canada J.Bertrand. Finally trained with Brazilian born E. Pereira from group Sarandeiros and F. Gomes, who danced with the pioneer Lambada group in Brazil: Kaoma

CARIBBEAN ZOUK, is a partner dance from the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Both the original Zouk music and the dance had strong influence from Haitian Konpa, but Zouk was popularized in the west indies by French band Kassav' in the 1980s. Since the 1980s the music has evolved and we distinguish Zouk-Beton (Fast), Zouk-Love (Slow), and Zouk-Love mixed with RnB, Hip Hop, and other  influences.

Our main instructor is a native Zouk dancer. Started Zouk since age 5. He trained directly with Kenny Davis N. from France who was a direct associate of the only two Zouk choreographers in the world J-C Occo from Guadeloupe and X. Fleriag from Martinique. Trained equally with D. Melorize in Konpa.

KIZOMBA: Zouk music was a hit when Kassav performed in Luanda in 1985. Soon after, Angolans experimented their traditional dance "Semba", on Zouk music. Slower Semba steps progressively gave birth to Kizomba the dance. Today, Kizomba music remains a derivative of Zouk music, while the dance maintained its Semba roots. Major centers include France, Portugal, the UK, and parts of North America. 


Our instructor trained directly with the father of Kizomba: Mestre Petchu; who was the first and only pioneer to develop a methodology for teaching Kizomba. Petchu is to Kizomba, what Eddie Torres is to Salsa. Other teachers include Kwenda, Albir, Sara Lopez, Ivo Viera, Shani Mayer, Ricardo and Paula and much more..

Kizouka with Kizomba and Zouk  North American pioneers:

from Portugal, Ivo Viera

Kizouka with Brazil Zouk Teacher:

from Brazil, E. Pereirar

Kizouka with Lambada Zouk pioneer:

from Brazil, F. Gomes

 Kizouka performance, Vancouver, BC


Kizouka CEO: Aurel  with Tarraxo Pioneer (Gwany) and Urbankiz Pioneer (Enah) 

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