Ken C., "We are fortunate in Calgary to have international level Kizomba instruction available on a regular basis. The classes are well designed to nurture skills in a relaxed and fun way." Calgary, AB

Connie M., "I love how the skills taught at each lesson built upon each other -i have learned a lot in a short time. Attentive patient instructors and a fun time keep me coming back !" Calgary, AB

Jun P., "Great classes to learn the fundamental elements of Kizomba.Teaching style was highly effective for me. Broke patterns down into digestive parts that helped me learn. I highly suggest those you have taken a couple classes to attend the monthly specialty workshops. They were jam packed with details and elements expanded from in class. Always gained something with each class. Even if it was doing something I already learned with better quality in the move." Calgary, AB

Nerissa H-M., "Aurel is an amazing teacher and has truly deepened my understanding of kizomba and also introduced me to the world of zouk dancing. He explains and demonstrates dance moves in a way that is understandable and meaningful. Aurel is deeply versed in the history and background of the dances he teaches, and offers many techniques and diversities within. I highly recommend private lessons with him!" Calgary, AB

Irena P., "If you would like to learn Kizomba fast I recommend to take private classes with Aurel. He is the best dance instructor I have ever worked with. He also introduce me to Brazilian Zouk which is absolute pleasure to dance. He knows endless variety of moves that makes it very entertaining. Aurel would be a great person to learn salsa from ( other then LA style) because his instructing skills are superb." Calgary, AB

Jack K., "I am back to my favourite group kizomba classes with Aurel with Kizouka . I usually learn all my dancing through private lessons these days but Aurel kizomba classes are like private lessons - very personal attentions, super patterns and lots of emphasis on the techniques!! Great dancers are attending these classes and Aurel makes sure that you get lots of dancing time as well not only instruction!!! And by rotating the partners you get to dance snd get to know some amazing dancers. I simply love these kizomba classes!! Thank you for organizing them!!! I am so looking forward to compete in kizomba once they bring it to Calgary through Salsa Congress!!!" Calgary, AB

M. Mendes, "I’ve been attending Kizomba classes for four months now and I really & truly enjoy dancing away my Saturday afternoons and attending the socials. I consider myself a good dancer, but when I first started learning Kizomba it was really challenging! I enjoy salsa & bachata and grew up in a Caribbean home so music and dancing are just party of my world, but Kizomba is so unique. In my opinion, it’s really not something you can just pick up so these classes are really helpful! Aurel is a great instructor and has an incredible ability to take something that appears complicated and break it down in to smaller, more manageable pieces. It took a couple of weeks for me to start feeling comfortable and now that I’ve got the basics, building on with more moves is just fun." Calgary, AB

Deidre L., "I’ve taken group classes and private sessions with Aurel. He has an in depth understanding of Kizomba - both its origin and evolution. His classes are very well organized and always a pleasure to be in. Aurel is an extremely professional person and he customizes his classes according to your level and goals. He has a natural ability for teaching. I highly recommend him if you want to learn the basics or take your dacing to the next level or to advanced level" Calgary, AB

Roberta M., "A number of years ago, I heard about Kizomba and was curious to try it, and so it has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience for me to explore this dance through Aurel’s group classes, workshops, private lessons, and socials. He displays solid thoughtful methodology combined with an obvious passion for the dance and teaching. Under his watchful eye, students are guided and enthusiastically encouraged with lots of personal attention. Attending classes with Aurel also allows access to his wealth of knowledge about the dances and music in the Kizomba/Zouk family. I highly recommend these classes to all who are interested in expanding their dance horizons!" Calgary, AB

Michelle T., "I've been taking lessons off and on with Kizouka for a couple of years, and there is one thing that keeps me coming back: the teaching style. The Kizouka method quickly introduces the fundamental building blocks from the first class and shows you how to put them together. Before you know it, you have a structure that you can take on the social dance floor. They give a clear breakdown of the steps, for lead and follow. They are always respectful, patient, and willing to give that extra bit of help after class. Furthermore, they willingly dance with everyone at their socials!" Calgary, AB