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Ken: "We are fortunate in Calgary to have international level Kizomba instruction available on a regular basis. The classes are well designed to nurture skills in a relaxed and fun way." Calgary, AB

Shawn:  I started with two left feet in Salsa with KiZouKa Calgary. After fewer than 10 lessons, I have some rhythm in my body and a great base from which to build new dance skills. Highly Recommended!! Calgary, AB

Connie: "I love how the skills taught at each lesson built upon each other -i have learned a lot in a short time. Attentive patient instructors and a fun time keep me coming back !" Calgary, AB

Jun: "Great classes to learn the fundamental elements of Kizomba.Teaching style was highly effective for me. Broke patterns down into digestive parts that helped me learn. I highly suggest those you have taken a couple classes to attend the monthly specialty workshops. They were jam packed with details and elements expanded from in class. Always gained something with each class. Even if it was doing something I already learned with better quality in the move." Calgary, AB

Nerissa: "Amazing teacher and has truly deepened my understanding of Kizomba and also introduced me to the world of zouk dancing. He explains and demonstrates dance moves in a way that is understandable and meaningful. Deeply versed in the history and background of the dances he teaches, and offers many techniques and diversities within. I highly recommend private lessons with him!" Calgary, AB

Maria: I like the structure of the class. I love the fact that it is easy to follow and progress and you learn variations of a move which gives you more options to dance. I like that Aurel allows for enough learning and practice time. He is super friendly and open to explain as many times as you need. And that he is attentive to small details that can help you improve individually. Definitely, I do recommend his classes. 😁.. Calgary, AB

Jack: "I am back to my favourite group Kizomba classes with Kizouka . I usually learn all my dancing through private lessons these days but KiZouKa classes are like private lessons - very personal attentions, super patterns and lots of emphasis on the techniques!! Great Dancers are attending these classes and the teacher makes sure that you get lots of dancing time as well not only instruction!!! And by rotating the partners you get to dance and get to know some amazing dancers. I simply love these Kizomba classes!! Thank you for organizing them!!! I am so looking forward to compete in Kizomba once they bring it to Calgary through Salsa Congress!!!" Calgary, AB

Malaika: "I’ve been attending Kizomba classes for four months now and I really & truly enjoy dancing away my Saturday afternoons and attending the socials. I consider myself a good dancer, but when I first started learning Kizomba it was really challenging! I enjoy Salsa & Bachata and grew up in a Caribbean home so music and dancing are just party of my world, but Kizomba is so unique. In my opinion, it’s really not something you can just pick up so these classes are really helpful! Great instructor and has an incredible ability to take something that appears complicated and break it down in to smaller, more manageable pieces. It took a couple of weeks for me to start feeling comfortable and now that I’ve got the basics, building on with more moves is just fun." Calgary, AB

Deidre: "I’ve taken group classes and private sessions with KiZouKa. They display an in depth understanding of Kizomba - both its origin and evolution. His classes are very well organized and always a pleasure to be in. The teacher is an extremely professional person and he customizes his classes according to your level and goals. He has a natural ability for teaching. I highly recommend him if you want to learn the basics or take your dancing to the next level or to advanced level" Calgary, AB

Roberta:  "A number of years ago, I heard about Kizomba and was curious to try it, and so it has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience for me to explore this dance through KiZouKa's group classes, workshops, private lessons, and socials. They display solid thoughtful methodology combined with an obvious passion for the dance and teaching. Under his watchful eye, students are guided and enthusiastically encouraged with lots of personal attention. Attending classes with KiZouKa also allows access to his wealth of knowledge about the dances and music in the Kizomba/Zouk family. I highly recommend these classes to all who are interested in expanding their dance horizons!" Calgary, AB

Michelle: "I've been taking lessons off and on with KiZouKa for a couple of years, and there is one thing that keeps me coming back: the teaching style. The KiZouKa method quickly introduces the fundamental building blocks from the first class and shows you how to put them together. Before you know it, you have a structure that you can take on the social dance floor. They give a clear breakdown of the steps, for lead and follow. They are always respectful, patient, and willing to give that extra bit of help after class. Furthermore, they willingly dance Kizomba with everyone at their socials!" Calgary, AB

Piera: Very passionate Dancer and Teacher, who transmits this so strongly that actually even just from this you will improve for sure. But the teachings skills are of course top, and you receive good hints for improvements. It seems to me that he would recognize even the smallest details and what moves should be done differently to improve quickly. I highly recommend taking private lessons in Kizomba, you will improve much quicker and its absolutely worth the money! Switzerland

Bardia: One of the friendliest teachers I had the chance to meet. Vibrant personality and positive attitude and the classes are one of the best experiences I had learning Salsa. Very patient and meticulous in teaching the details and at the same time, makes the classes a very fun experience for everyone. I had a blast and would totally recommend KiZouKa. Calgary, AB

Malcom: When I heard and finally saw what Kizomba was all about, I was a bit intimidated. I felt that way until I when to KiZouKa's classes. Their classes made me feel at ease and I had a better understanding of the dance. Now I can say I feel better at Kizomba.

I also just want to share my views on the LA Salsa lessons I am taking with the Salsa Group on Mondays with Aurel. His teaching techniques are exceptional! When he teaches he is very detailed oriented and makes sure his students get the moves and proper footing techniques. I have learned a lot from the get go. I highly recommend his classes. Great teacher, great guidance..Thanks KiZouKa. Calgary, AB

Julia: I know KiZouKa for few years now. They were my very first Kizomba instructors and their way of teaching and planning was perfect!!! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is just starting or wanting to improve . Thank you!. Calgary, AB

Matthias:  I am taking Private Lessons with KiZouKa. The approach is very patient and adapts to student needs and really help understand what Kizomba is all about; i.e art and logic. The instructor makes it easy even for beginners to understand and enjoy the dance. Calgary, AB

Rosana (PORTUGUESE):  Eu gostei muito de fazer aula particular com o KiZouKa Calgary. Aprendi muito mais rápido do que aula em grupo. O método de ensino é pontual, paciente e sempre motivando a não desistir mesmo quando eu não conseguia pegar os passos corretos da dança. Eu super indico aula particular com o KiZouKa Calgary. São PaoloBrazil

Carlos:  I have known Kizouka Calgary for several years now, and I can't say anything but positive things about the teaching. He has knowledge not just in Kizomba, but also in Salsa and Bachata. Very easy going and fun to take lessons from. Calgary, AB

Marina:  I’m extremely grateful to be a student of such an inspiring and guiding teacher with lots of knowledge on the subject of Kizomba. With many discoveries, some surprises, hard work and enjoyment of moving, I got what I was looking for - that sense of growing and confidence on the dance floor.. Calgary, AB

Brooke:  Kizouka Calgary helped me go from never having danced to being confident trying dance socials in a few lessons, and this in in Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata and Brazilian Zouk. Because the lessons are focused you can improve quickly. Excellent value for your money. Calgary, AB

Marcia:  My first Kizomba class was with KiZouKa Calgary. I just fell in love with the authentic Kizomba. My instructor Aurel is very knowledgeable, attentive, dedicated, and a competent professional. The methodology is based on teaching step by step to create  a brain structure. This methodology gives the student the ability to develop and improve the dance skills quickly. I am now taking private classes with KiZouKa in Salsa, Zouk and Kizomba. And I would highly recommend these classes to anyone who wants to have fun and improve their dance skills.. Calgary, AB

Christa:  Aurel is a fantastic teacher - patient, knowledgeable, and passionate about kizomba -  how it's danced and its history. He explained and demystified the closeness of the physical connection which lead me to a deeper appreciation and respect for the origins of Kizomba. I love taking classes with him because I always learn something new!Calgary, AB

George:  Excellent instructor!! While there are many great Salsa dancers not all are able to teach the intricacies of dance and explain them in a way that is easily understood and retained by the student. KiZouKa Calgary does this in a way that allows the student to learn at a much faster rate and retain the knowledge. I feel that I am becoming a much stronger dancer as a result of the style of instruction.Calgary, AB

Laurel:  I highly enjoy Kizomba and Zouk classes with KiZouKa. At KiZouKa afro-style dance in taught in a fun yet challenging environment. I particularly enjoy their socials, where you can hone the dance skills you learn in class. Highly recommend!.Calgary, AB

Kim:  I was a student of KiZouKa Calgary back in 2018 and 2019...I have to say that Aurel is a not only a kind and patient man but he is gentle and caring and really enjoys teaching and seeing his students learn and grow and get better after each lesson...for me I picked up Kizomba quickly because of the way he taught me. I had only heard of this dance before I went to my first social, but by my 3rd class Aurel was using me sometimes to show the class how the moves should look. Which of course made me feel fantastic!. I would still be dancing with him in his classes if it wasnt for a bad car accident and covid, cause dancing with him never got boring 🙂..I would recommend Aurel to anyone who wants to learn a new dance cause he has a lot of skills and experience... Calgary, AB

Tatsiana: KiZouKa Founder Aurel is well-known and respected in Calgary as a top gun instructor for Kizomba Dance and the organizer of Kizomba Social dancing events which people fell in love with for their sensual vibes which no other dancing event provides.

Coming from Africa, where  kizomba has deep roots and where kizomba rhythm is the heart beat of the entire social nightlife, he brings unprecedented kizomba dancing skills, strong passion for kizomba dance itself, powerfully sensual performance, thought-through and easily understood and followed teaching technique filled with beautiful dancing moves, elegant choreography and styling.

Kizomba is like a dancing version of dopamine, the hormone responsible for your happiness. This dance has been taking the world by storm and it has crossed any cultural, ethnic or continental barrier. So if you want to stay happy, young and feel the high of the kizomba sensual power, please join KiZouKa classes. Kizomba will be your new dope!😁Calgary, AB

Ivonne (SPANISH): Tuve la oportunidad de estar en Calgary, y de conocer a Aurelio en un mercado latino ,  me contó que daba clases de Salsa y fue así que nos pusimos de acuerdo para que yo pudiera aprender. Me contó la historia de la salsa , llevó la música y a darle con todo el ritmo para aprender salsa en línea. Me divertí y sobre todo liberé estrés !! Gracias Aurelio !! Excelente experiencia! Espero pronto regresar a Calgary ! Mexico, DC

Sean: Aurel is a very disciplined teacher with a great deal of experience and training in a variety of dances. The teacher understands how various dance types inform and influence each other. Because of this, he can teach aspects of other dances that will improve your existing skills and interests. Aurel's thinking about dance lessons is very well structured. He can improvise as well as prescribe very specific exercises all while still ensuring you have fun and improve your skills in and outside his classes. Calgary, AB

Arden: Aurel is truly a master dance teacher. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and really explains in a way that is conducive to learning. He pays attention to each student in class and offers individual corrections and attention even in a group class. His classes are fun and engaging and a great way to build dance knowledge. Thank you Aurel!. Calgary, AB

Irena: "If you would like to learn Kizomba fast I recommend to take private classes with KiZouKa. Best dance instructor I have ever worked with. He also introduce me to Brazilian Zouk which is absolute pleasure to dance. He knows endless variety of moves that makes it very entertaining. Also would be a great person to learn Salsa from because his instructing skills are superb." Calgary, AB

Dami: Aurel is a patient and skilled instructor. He tailors the lessons as we go along and is always encouraging. He makes you feel comfortable and that’s essential for learning these dance styles. I recommend learning with him... Calgary, AB

Angelica: I took a private lesson with Aurel and, am I ever glad I did? He is very knowledgeable of his craft and gave me clear instructions, which made learning the moves a lot easier ...I was born and raised south of the equator, so I also dance cumbia, salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, etc - and I have taken dance classes in a few other styles, namely belly dance, hula, tango, and even though I've always been confident of my dancing skills, his class added a special depth to that confidence. Kizomba is now a new favorite for me, and I surely hope to learn more moves. Thank you so much, Aurel - if more men knew how to dance like that, there'd probably be a lot less single guys out there ... just sayin' 😉 Calgary, AB

Bernadette: Just want to say that Aurel is best Kizomba teacher I have ever had …it seems that I learn so much in a short time and he always made me feel good and accepted…I was impressed that he always took the time during evening dance to dance with all of his students.. In life, we often do not remember what we did or where we went but we always remember how people make us feel. Montreal, QC

Maria (PORTUGUESE): Comecei a participar das aulas de Kizomba e estou adorando. As aulas são bem estruturas e animadas. Aurel é um grande professor, sempre atento e zelando pela evolução de cada aluno. Ele explica desde a história da música até toda influência da kizomba até os dias atuais. Eu recomendo de olhos fechados as aula de kizomba com Aurel. São PaoloBrazil

Chloé (FRENCH): Aurel est un très bon professeur ! Il est pédagogue et sait décomposer les mouvements pour les débutants, tout en fournissant les clés qui nous rendent meilleur danseurs. Il est aussi très souriant et sympathique, les cours avec lui sont particulièrement agréables !. ToulouseFrance

Maria (SPANISH): Me gustan las clases de Aurel porque no solo sabe bailar sino que también sabe enseñar. Es atento en ver el nivel del alumno para adaptar la explicación según sea principiante o más avanzado. Es métodico y estructurado lo cual ayuda mucho al aprendizaje. Si tienes dudas siempre está dispuesto a resolverlas. 100% lo recomiendo. GuadalajaraMexico

Jeff: I was struggling in my salsa social dancing taking endless classes again & again with no improvement. Aurel emphasis is on salsa fundamentals teaching that the students can easily add to their own personal routines applicable to social dance. It’s made my dancing fun again 🕺. CalgaryAB

Anne: I really love to come to Salsa & Bachata classes with Aurel. He is a very enthusiastic instructor. The dance routine is very clear, throughput and practical for social dancing. Aurel pays attention to each of his students and help them improve their technique. I gain huge confidence with dancing in just a few lessons with him. Thanks Aurel😘. Calgary  AB

Femi and Busola: We met Aurel at the tail end of the COVID19 pandemic, and we registered for 10 private dance classes. Aurel is passionate about dance and its power to inspire and heal. Aurel is a skilled teacher in Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba and other social dances. We highly recommend Aurel! Calgary, AB

Alejandro: I started my dance journey back in March. As a latin guy I was trying to learn in a short period of time what I was not interested in for the first forty years of my life. I started taking dancing lessons with several teachers but I was feeling frustrated because I was not able to remember anything they were teaching me at all. 

I met Aurel last summer when he was teaching a kizomba workshop. I just sat down on a chair and was so impressed by his teaching skills that I stood up and joined the practice. I knew since that moment that he was the person that could help me improve my dancing skills so I got to talk to him and that’s how I started learning from him. I started attending his group classes and right after the first one, I wanted to take private ones, which I did first by myself and then I told a girl friend about him and she was down to become my dance partner for the remaining lessons. In fact, we signed up for another set of 10 private lessons.

His gifted attributes as a dance instructor are awesome. He focuses on the basics, on building muscle memory by repetition and breaking down steps that were complicated to do at first for me. I still need to improve a lot, that’s why I want Aurel to be the person I am learning from for as long as we can do it.

I highly recommend Kizouka Calgary to anyone who wants to start a dance journey and make it an enjoyable experience. Mexico City, DF

Annie: Before I started classes with Aurel, I had a very basic understanding of salsa. Most of these were dance combinations without delving into the fundamental steps. However, Aurel has been instrumental in helping me grow in my salsa and bachata journey. His strength as an instructor comes from breaking down the concepts in simple terms and his steadfast commitment to repetition until it's ingrained in your muscle memory. You can tell that Aurel loves dance and is invested in his students. He's a consummate professional and I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking to upgrade their Latin social dancing skills. I've enjoyed my classes with him and look forward to building on my dance repertoire. Many thanks again. I've truly learnt a lot from the private lessons. Dubai, UAE

Natasha: Aurel is an outstanding Salsa & Kizomba instructor who brings passion and expertise to his classes. Having the opportunity to assist him in his classes, with the ability for breaking down complex moves into simple steps and a commitment to creating an inclusive and fun learning environment, Aurel ensures that his students of all levels feel supported and challenged. Through his dedication to teaching not just dance but also the cultural and historical heritage of kizomba, Aurel inspires a deep appreciation from many of his Masters, including Kwenda Lima. Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn or improve his Salsa and Kizomba Skills.. Calgary, AB

Marine: Aurel has been an  amazing teacher. I was already dancing a lot but I was missing the theory and technicality of Salsa and Sensual Bachata. Aurel really took the time to make me practice more advanced moves, giving me tips to be more grounded and bring my dance to a higher level. I really recommend all levels of dancers to take some courses with Aurel. France.

Athina: Aurel is undoubtedly one of the Best Dance Teachers in Calgary. His passion for dance is infectious and his prices are a bargain for the value he provides. The way he structures his classes makes it really easy to retain what you learn from previous classes. Super grateful to have found him. Albania.

Mason: Aurel teaches so much more than the just the moves of a dance. He blends in the history and culture of both the dance and its music into his instruction to paint a fuller picture of not only "what" we are doing but "why" we are doing it. His teaching techniques are refined, with an emphasis on mastering the essential basics to provide a solid foundation to grow from. Aurel taught me what it means to lead with intention and clarity. Learn Kizomba with Aurel!. Calgary, AB.

Teresa Martinez: Aurel has created classes that are truly rare to see in our city. He always gives me constant support and strenght to wwork towards being better. I always have fun and leave the studio with a smile. I have been very fortunate to be part of his classes and look forward to many more years to come. Calgary, AB.

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